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The 11 Best Part-time Jobs for College Students

As a college student, you have to be in more control of your life. This means that your parents are no longer in control of your lifestyle. You now wake up at your own time, eat whenever, and sleep whenever you want. The freedom and autonomy that comes with being a college student cannot be exaggerated.

Why You Should Work in College

As a college student, you have to be in more control of your life. This means that your parents are no longer in control of your lifestyle. You now wake up at your own time, eat whenever, and sleep whenever you want. The freedom and autonomy that comes with being a college student cannot be exaggerated.

However, the catch with being a college student is that sometimes, no matter what your parents send you, it cannot be enough. Now, you might be able to manage it for a while, but sometimes your expenses are more than your allowances. So, you should work in college to keep up. Even if you create a lifestyle that saves you money, you might need to afford something that is not within your budget.

Apart from getting a job to afford a living, you might need a job for the work experience. After the world of college, the next phase you would meet is the working phase. In this century, it is considered late not to have good working experience. So, you should work as a college student.

Jobs for College Students

Juggling work and the school can be very tasking. The best thing to do is to find a job that will be convenient for you. Here is a list of jobs you can conveniently do as a student.


Usually, an internship is appropriate for college and even high school students. The internship pays students in the full experience and sometimes in cash or incentives. It depends on the type of internship you go for. There are different types of internships, they are;

  • Paid Internship

  • Insights

  • Unpaid Internship

  • Partially paid internship

 Internships are temporary jobs but any student that goes through internship is sure to finish college with maximum job experience.

The most exciting thing about the internship is that you can find an internship anywhere. There is always an institution that needs help. So, no matter your course of study, you can be any intern anywhere.

College students are always advised to go for an internship because they are temporary, and help students gain experience. Also, your boss will understand the fact that you are and student and will work with your schedule.


This is a well-paying job. With tutoring, a student can learn the act of being an entrepreneur. If you are smart and you tend to understand things better than others, you can put your brain to use to make you money.

The fun thing about tutoring is that you can start at any time and any place. You also learn more by teaching others. So, that calculus problem that you understand so well but is giving other people issues can bring you money and experience.

You do not have to be a genius to start tutoring. You can teach anyone anything; it does not have to be academic work. You can organize makeup classes or sewing classes to help your fellow students. There is no limit to getting money and experience from tutoring.

Personal Assistant

Do you know that person that needs to remind a very busy person about his schedule or even set the schedule up? Yes, that is a personal assistant. You get to see the world the person lives in and more. The fun and experience you can get from this job cannot be overemphasized. As a personal assistant, you tend to train yourself and earn trust and respect. You can get a legitimate reference from this job. If you do this job well, you might be getting an automatic paying job when you graduate from college.

As a personal assistant to a very important person in an organization, you are automatically as important as the person. Even if you will remain a junior staff till after graduation or a sort of promotion.

To be a personal assistant, you must be good with the following;

  • You already know that your boss is a very busy person, so managing diaries and organizing meetings and appointments is an inevitable task.

  • Organizing events and conferences. In other words, you should be in charge according to what your boss needs.

  • Never forget to remind your boss about important tasks and deadlines. This is one of his reasons for hiring you.

  • If you are good with the computer, you have an advantage. You will be managing databases and filing systems

  • There is also the need to control access to your boss. Your boss might be forgetting that he should be doing something; your job is to remind him.

  • You should also be good at booking and arranging travel, accommodation

Federal work-study

Federal Work-Study is a platform that provides part-time jobs for college students. They do this to offer financial assistance to students. However, Federal Work-Study helps graduates too. Federal Work-Study can help you to earn money to help pay education expenses. This platform is open to any college student. This includes full-time or part-time students.


This job has been available to even students in high school. This job is fun and kind of effortless. The gravity of the job depends on the kind of children you babysit. Regardless, babysitting is a job that pays well.


This job has a lot of fun and importance. The fact that you are responsible for people’s lives is intriguing. Apart from the pay, this job also builds your resume.

So, if you can swim well, you might want to be a lifeguard and have fun at it.

Waitstaff at restaurants

This is another readily available job that you can do anywhere. There is always a restaurant somewhere looking for waitstaffs. Working in a restaurant is also fun as you are sure to get tips and sometimes recognition.

Video editor

 A very good video or picture controls the media. The popular yearn for video editors these days is interesting. Every organization wants to be able to promote their businesses with amazing videos. So, working as a video editor is fun and profitable.

Start an Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce is known as electronic commerce. You know the exchange of goods and services. It is an online platform and it means that you can start it at any time. You can decide to be the link between consumers and sellers. Ecommerce is wide and easy as far as you have a good plan and a gadget.

Stream on Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming platform. This platform is definitely the definition of getting money from what you love doing. It was originally created for gamers but now, you can do whatever you love on Twitch and get money from it.

Social Media Consultant

This job is very cool if you are a social media person. This is simply the use of social media to your advantage. You work for a big organization without really affecting your academics.


If you know how to make coffee or espresso, you can do this job. A barista is a person, usually a coffeehouse employee. You can work in a restaurant or a coffee.

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