09/15/21Mohil Gupta

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How To Succeed in Your College Classes

Though a high GPA isn't key to success in life - a low one can certainly hurt you. In this article, we're giving you our top tips to succeed and ace your college classes.

Go to class and participate

Professors will notice if you don't come to class, even if it's a big lecture hall! When you actually go to class and pay attention, you're significantly increasing your odds of success as your retaining important information at a steady pace versus cramming for an exam last-minute.

Make friends and network

Know your classmates and join their study groups. Having a peer study group will allow you to stay accountable for studying for class and you are able to help each other with class material as questions come up. Additionally, having a support group to help you while you're going through tough college classes is always really helpful.Don't procrastinate and get a strategy for studying

Study ahead of time and consistently

As a rule of thumb: one hour of lecture is two hours of preparation out of class. When the semester starts, you should find yourself a quiet place to study and block out the times of the week you're going to study. Also, please tAKE practice tests that the teacher provides - even up to three times! The actual exam is likely to mimic the types of questions from the practice exams and the professor will probably use some of the same questions too!

Connect with your professor and TA

The most underutilized resource in college is the office hour - which is now available completely virtual. Professors are required to be in their office hours two to four hours a week to meet with students and help them with their course. Your papers and tests are likely to go much better, especially when you are getting feedback by the person who will be grading them! You can also get exclusive knowledge on what's going to be on a test, which will give you an advantage over your peers.

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